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About Me

My background is in working with disadvantaged groups including people with disabilities, the homeless and youth groups. I also ran an award-winning health, fitness and wellness business for over 15 years, many of our clients were from these same populations. 

My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) come from various sources.  
Firstly, it is an extension of my previous work and interest in physiology, psychology, anatomy and the human body. 

Secondly, the medicine’s historical foundations in Daoist philosophy especially- with self-cultivation, aligning daily practices with seasonal changes and holistic medicine as cornerstones, resonates with my own understanding about the world.

Finally, personal acupuncture and herbal experiences have changed my life, with exceptional improvements in my sleep, stress and digestion. I have also witnessed the medicine improve the lives of many people, through symptom relief of pain, inflammation, musculo-skeletal issues, menstrual problems, skin, psycho-emotional issues, the list goes on.

Other “complementary” medicines and modalities can offer patients hope and relief when all else has failed. However, other than Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine is the only other “complete” medical system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is well-placed to help many ailments in society today, offering  opportunity for effective harmonious treatment where no other opportunity may exist. 

Education and Certifications

Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner, Chinese Herbal Dispenser.

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
The University of Wollongong

AHPRA Registration No. CMR0002658281
Member of Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
Membership No. 54182

All Major Health Funds are covered. 

Registered with Ahpra logo in liverpool LGa, specifically hinchinbrook
accredited acupuncturist and herbalist practitioner logo liverpool nsw
Rejuvenate Chinese Medicine Clinic
Acupuncture and herbal clinic in Liverpool LGA

What can you expect from Traditional Chinese Medicine with me?

You can expect me to be honest when it comes to your diagnoses, treatment principles and treatment timeframes

Whilst Traditional Chinese Medicine can often alleviate many disease signs and systems in a short period of time, in general it takes time for sustainable improvements. Conditions that have taken years to develop cannot be effectively and sustainably treated with just a few sessions, “quick fixes” are rare and unsustainable. This is especially true with chronic and complicated conditions. Time, patience and commitment to health can transform your life to be more lively, vibrant and harmonious. You can expect me to tell you about your specific treatment rationales - the how, what and why.

You can expect a non-judgemental approach and to be treated with respect.

Patients may mistrust healthcare professionals for a variety of factors including negative past experiences, feeling like a number, unheard or rushed with other healthcare doctors/specialists. Patients may also feel embarrassed to disclose personal health information. 

You will not be judged for your conditions nor the circumstances contributing to your condition. You will be seen and heard as a person, not an illness.


We may offer lifestyle modification guidance and other treatment modality recommendations, but there are no demands, obligations nor pressure exerted to undertake these recommendations. 

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