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acupuncture with fibroids treatment, and pain relief treatment. Acupunccture in liverpool  and hinchinbrook nsw.

Acupuncture is about thin metallic needles inserted into the skin at specific points.  


The needles affect the body’s pathways (channels or meridians) via the movement of Qi (energy) and blood, thereby addressing imbalances, blockages and disruptions to the free flow of Qi.

In modern terms, the central nervous system is stimulated, causing neurochemical changes in muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These biochemical changes may stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Acupuncture’s traditions are more than 2000 years old, modern research have demonstrated that acupuncture is effective for a variety of conditions. Read more.


Sterilised, single-use needles are used. 

Gua Sha

Gua Sha treatment is great for relieving symptoms of psychoemotional disorders including anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, ADHD.  Guda Sha benefots blood flow and relieves painful periods.

Gua sha is a Chinese healing practice involving scraping your skin with an instrument with smooth edges to improve circulation.


Gua Sha attempts to move stagnant Qi (energy) that leads to pain and inflammation. The idea is that by rubbing the skin’s surface, you can help break up energy and in turn reduce inflammation and encourage healing.

Gua Sha used on the face has become common on recent times in the cosmetic industry.


Gua Sha has been shown to improve symptoms of muscle tension, headaches, perimenopause and many other conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Hinchinbrook and Liverpool NSW Chinese Herbal Medicine by Dr Ariel Gonzalez (TCM)


Cupping for musculo-skeletal and back pain, chinese medicine in hinchinbrook, which in the LIverpool Local Government Area

Chinese Herbal Medicine goes beyond treating just symptoms and disease and  works to restore balance to the body.


Yin-Yang theory, 5 element and other theoretical frameworks are used to diagnose and treat particular conditions.


Herbs are generally plant based, and come on the form of:

  • Granules or capsules.

  • Teas, extracts and powders.

  • A traditional formula.

  • A customised  formula for you.​

Different herbs have different properties and can balance elements of the body. Generally herbal formulas contain a number of synergistic herbs to address medical concerns.  The holistic nature of Chinese herbs means that they can very effective and may take some time to be effective.

Telehealth Consultation

Telehealth consultations are managed by Ariel Gonzalez, CHinese Medicine doctor and practitioner. Telehealth by Rejuvenate Chinese Medicine in the Liverpool Local Government Area. You will get Chinese Herbal prescription and formula to treat your digestive disorder, bloating, reflux, obesity

Telehealth consultation is a good option if distance or scheduling issues prevent you from physically attending a consultation.

The process is similar to a face-to-face consultation, but it occurs over a phone/video medium.

As acupuncture cannot be performed, telehealth is primarily for Chinese Herbal treatment.

The herbal prescription is customised to your medical condition taking into account your constitution, and other health variables.

Your prescription is mailed to you the next business day after you Telehealth consultation (via Australia Post).

Cupping is an ancient Chinese and Middle Eastern healing therapy where cups are placed on your back or other body parts.


A vacuum is created Inside the cup, pulling the skin upward thereby drawing fluid to the area and expanding to gently promote blood flow in capillaries to the area to stimulate healing.


Conditions with pain generally respond well to cupping, but it can be very useful for other conditions including breathing problems (asthma), gastrointestinal issues, colds and flu, headaches, and high blood pressure amongst other disorders.

Health and Lifestyle Advice

Healthy eating can help with eating disorders,  menstrual problems, endometriosis, PCOS,  infertility,painful periods, cramping, menopause,  stroke,

Research demonstrates that many chronic diseases are largely caused by lifestyle choices and habits.

Traditional Chinese medicine places great importance on healthy lifestyle choices to achieve health, longevity, healing and balance in life. These choices also play a preventative role in  health.

Quality foods, exercise, quality sleep, moderate alcohol consumption and stress management are factors within our control.

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